Ideas, Experience and Insight
Dr. Lundgren provides attorneys with memorable and persuasive communications of case themes. As an experienced trial consultant, Dr. Lundgren offers a strategic approach to trial focused on understanding and advancing a client’s case.

As an experimental social psychologist, Dr. Lundgren’s style is analytical and she uses a wide range of techniques to understand the jury’s perception of the case at hand. By understanding the key case issues and the jury’s likely reactions to them, Dr. Lundgren assists the trial team in shaping the case towards an audience perspective.

Highly Qualified
Prior to founding Lundgren Trial Consulting in 1998, Dr. Lundgren analyzed juries while a jury consultant at FTI Consulting and, prior to that, at Litigation Sciences. Dr. Lundgren holds a PhD and M.S. in experimental social psychology with a minor in consumer behavior from Texas A&M University, and a B.A. in psychology at Southwestern University. Dr. Lundgren is based out of Houston and central Texas, and holds alliances with several national trial consultants.

 “The insights of Sharon Lundgren on jury selection seemed far away at the end of a long trial, but her insights put us in a position to win from the very beginning.”