Lundgren Trial Consulting has distinctive experience in a wide variety of litigation. Some noteworthy examples include

Patent infringement
A licensing company accused video game companies of infringing a method patent. Lundgren Trial Consulting performed jury exercises and mock trial research to clarify the issues that the jurors had most trouble understanding and to hone the persuasive themes. Lundgren Trial assisted with jury selection and preparations for trial. The case was ultimately dismissed following jury selection after the trial judge granted the defendants’ MSJ of non-infringement.

A family with the heartbreaking discovery of their older child abusing a sibling in turn blamed their son’s young friend as the initial source of the behavior. The resulting civil lawsuit involved the latter family’s homeowners insurance, and Dr. Lundgren was brought in at the 11th hour to assist defendants with jury selection. The jury delivered a full defense verdict.

Theft of Trade Secrets
Dr. Lundgren was engaged in a complex trade secret case involving multiple telecommunications employees who had left the client’s company for a competitor. After multiple rounds of jury exercises to refine jurors’ understanding of the technology, improve thematic communication, test damages ranges, and to extensively identify a favorable juror profile, the clients favorably settled the case for a confidential amount in the 8 figure range.

This case involved an aerospace repair facility suing the OEM for antitrust violations. Dr. Lundgren personally prepared over 20 witnesses for the defendant and was requested by the corporate representative to attend the lengthy trial. Dr. Lundgren also assisted in multiple large sample jury exercises and jury selection as well. Following Dr. Lundgren’s monitoring of the trial for 3 months and providing real time feedback each evening to the team, the jury rendered a verdict of no antitrust and no damages. Dr. Lundgren concluded the case with extensive interviews of all 12 jurors and the two alternates. Given the extended time in court, the jurors were eager to provide interviews and a few exchanged Christmas cards with Dr. Lundgren after wards.

We did two exercises with Sharon’s group on the same complex case. The exercises assisted greatly in simplifying issues and making a difficult case more understandable. As a result, we were able to better prepare the case which lead to a greater settlement opportunity.”

Harper Estes
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